Before Corona & After Corona Effects(Covid-19 Effects)

Before Coona Virus (Covid-19) Lifes

      We live our life with freely and routine basis. So many people had their own works, who like kids to senior citizens. There have own life culture which is school, work, rest and entertainment very naturally.

      All Countries doing their own routine jobs. All Politics and Politian doing kind of jumping balls. But one day suddenly all are changed. We all got a news in Nov-19; there some one hidden enemy comes in our society. That “Covid-19” Corona Virus found in China.

     Till date we all of know what is Corona Virus (Covid-19) and how is big far and their systems and losses which is really bad for it. I am not talk much about that because you know about very well, but not forgot easily. It’s happened in our naked eyes and we can’t do any thing now, till we never found strong vaccine for Corona Virus (Covid-19).

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